Public Meeting #4 Recap

The open house started with a brief presentation on the comprehensive plan and parks master plan process and a description of the key plan recommendations. Then meeting attendees were invited to interact with various stations focused on the different plan elements.

Key content presented at the stations included the following:

(1) Future Development Guide – map and associated text that provides guidance on how Broken Arrow should grow and redevelop in the future.
(2) Transportation Plan – map and associated text that identifies future transportation improvements in Broken Arrow.
(3) Parks Master Plan – map and associated text that identifies future park, recreation, and trail improvements in Broken Arrow.
(4) Implementation Action Plan – a series of tables that include implementation actions related to Land Use & Development, Transportation & Mobility, Community Infrastructure, Parks, Recreation & Open Space, Housing & Neighborhoods, Economic Development, District Strategies, and Quality of Life.

The presentation from the meeting can be viewed here.

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