Planning Charrette Recap

Over the course of several days, the project team conducted a planning charrette to develop alternative future growth scenarios. The project team met with the comprehensive plan Steering Committee and Technical Advisory Task Force, held deep dive sessions focused on major key elements, and presented the findings at a public meeting on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

The presentation from the meeting can be viewed here.

The three preliminary scenarios that were developed during the planning charrette were: (1) trend scenario, in which current development patterns are expected to continue in the future; (2) infill scenario, in which growth is focused on filling in undeveloped areas within the current city limits; and (3) district scenario, in which activity nodes are created throughout the city with more intense development.

The boards from the public meeting can be viewed here.

The project team is now working on refining the three scenarios based on the input received and will present a preferred scenario in late summer/early fall.

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