What is a Comprehensive Plan and How Can I Become Involved?

As communities grow and mature, it is important for residents and leaders to consider what the future holds. Questions such as ‘what do we want the future to look like’ and ‘how do we get there’ are answered through a comprehensive plan process.

A comprehensive plan identifies where and how a community should grow based on a community-defined vision and an assessment of development conditions and aspirations. It presents strategies and policies for housing, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, and quality of life priorities. When completed, the comprehensive plan serves as a policy document that guides the Mayor, City Council, and City staff as they make development decisions over the next 20 years.

The last comprehensive plan for Broken Arrow was adopted in 1997 (updated in 2012) and has helped guide the City for the past two decades. Today, an update is needed to proactively prepare and respond to growth in Broken Arrow.

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